Battle Of The Psychopaths

It’s coming…a gathering for the ages, one might say. “Dotard” meets “Rocket Man, “is what the headlines will read. Two of the world’s more prominent psychopaths will be sitting at a table, each staring into the face of a psychological anomaly. It appears that Secretary of State designate Mike Pompano laid the groundwork for a meeting between Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un during a recent unreported trip to North Korea over the Easter holiday.  From what we have observed over the last 15 months, it would appear that the North Korean goes into this bizarre conference with the upper hand.

Psychopaths are not exactly a rare breed.    A study done by The Telegraph (September 13, 2016) found that 21 per cent of corporate executives in the United States had clinically significant levels of psychopathic traits―roughly the same rate as among prisoners.  According to the same report, the rate of psychopathy in the general population is one in a hundred. Neither of these men are garden variety psychopaths. On the contrary, they are both extraordinary psychopaths, which―at least from the clinical standpoint―makes the upcoming meeting imperative to witness. These two men share a certain kinship in fondness for authoritarian leaders…Jong Un being one, and Trump desiring to be one. Both men are vain and thin-skinned, and take offense to any perceived slight, after which they make a vicious attack against the source. The fact that nuclear weapons will be part of the discussion should be more than of passing interest to the man on the street.

The recently deceased Stephen Hawking had a theory about alternate universes―a subject more commonly known as the “Multiverse Theory.” The theory suggests separate universes, including the one in which humans live; a monolith entity which comprises everything that exists, including space, time, matter, energy and the physical laws that order their function. Donald Trump lives in such a place. Trump lies about everything, large and small. And it appears that he actually believes most of the lies he offers. Consequently, one has to observe Trump’s “alternate universe,” and assume that he is in every case lying, until proper evidence proves otherwise. All of these lies, of course, are directed toward self-aggrandizement, which goes a long way toward explaining why Trump is an expert in dishonest tactics, but totally lost when it comes to long term strategies.

Kim Jong Un is a different breed of psychopath, but a psychopath nonetheless.  His nuclear program proves that, unlike Trump, he is a long range planner―a strategist―who will use cessation of nuclear options to extort anything and everything he desires. Although extremely young as dictators go, he has already accumulated a rather sordid track record.

When Kim Jong-il died in December 2011, Kim Jong Un inherited absolute power and sent many of his subjects to prison camps for a term of six months at hard labor for “not crying hard enough” at his father’s funeral. It was also reported that Kim Jong Un―with slim evidence, but fearing a coup attempt―fed one of his uncles to a pack of dogs that had been starved several days precisely for that purpose.  Now the foregoing report of a canine attack has since been identified as a likely piece of satire that originated in a Chinese newspaper.  Whether or not true, it has been confirmed that Kim Jong Un prefers to execute his perceived rivals by mortar rounds, 50 caliber machine guns and flamethrowers.

The previous leaders of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK), Kim Jong Un’s father and grandfather, both lied to the international community on numerous occasions to get whatever they desired. One can only assume that the latest North Korean dictator will do the same. A strategic liar fencing with a tactical liar; it should be an interesting battle.  Nevertheless, viewing a comical dialogue between two liars sounds better than a launch of nuclear weapons.