Godfather Visions

Trumpty Dumpster sat on a wall,  (the presidency)

Trumpty Dumpster had a great fall, (impeachment, or prison)

All the king’s horses, (Trump’s inept herd of lawyers)

And all the king’s men, (Russians! Russians! And more Russians!)

Couldn’t put Trumpty together again.

Forgive, please, the license taken with a children’s nursery rhyme.

From the very beginning of his business career, Donald Trump chose to associate with shadowy figures, and thus became a dumpster for any scheme related to the possibility of making money. He pushed far beyond the frontiers of ethical conduct. He evaded taxes (unsuccessfully), shafted vendors and business associates, used threats, intimidation and bankruptcy to avoid the consequence of poor business decisions (casinos, airline and real estate), and finally, used what New York State Attorney General Eric Schiederman called a “phony university” to fleece thousands of unsuspecting victims.

Trump is also a celebrated philanderer, and this is one trait that may well lead to his demise. Nevertheless, in the wake of all his scandals, Trump has required the services of a “fixer.” In the early days, that man was Roy Cohn, an attorney who was a ruthless power broker. Cohn was ultimately disbarred for involving himself in the education he imparted on Trump.

Trump’s most recent “fixer” has been Cooley Law School graduate Michael Cohen. In the early morning hours of April 9, 2018 the F.B.I executed a search warrant on Cohen’s law office, his home under construction and his temporary home. The government is now in possession of files, computers, phone records and e mails that will trace the whereabouts and activities of both Cohen and Trump over the last several years. By most accounts, both men are in serious trouble. And if you are a fan of irony, take notice of the fact that Trump forced everyone out of the Department of Justice that he viewed as a threat, and installed his own people. Now, whatever prosecutions follow, will be conducted by men appointed by Trump.

Donald Trump is the stupidest man alive. If he had even one brain cell he would have been satisfied with successfully evading the consequence of the various frauds which built his empire. But he chose to pursue a life in the world’s largest fish bowl. Complete ignorance had him believing that he could be “America’s Godfather.” He beat the odds and got elected. And like a real Godfather, demanded that his subjects take an oath of loyalty and kiss the ring. He never considered that many of those subjects would declare fealty to the rule of law instead. This man will pay a very high price for his misguided visions of grandiosity. Stay tuned.

The Look

It looks like reality has finally sunk in. Following release of the sham Republican “memo” by Devin Nunes alleging abuses by the FBI, Donald Trump sat before cameras and reporters and whined like a second grade boy who had been sent to the principal’s office for beating up little girls on the playground. He said, “The GOP memo is a disgrace…but a lot of people should be ashamed.”  Trump was correct on both accounts, but not for the reasons he was thinking. In fact, he did uncharacteristically appear like a very ashamed person.

Donald Trump ran a presidential campaign aimed at destroying the pillars of democracy. While a majority of Americans rejected his divisive tactics, he was nevertheless elected and installed by an antiquated electoral college. Now, the founding fathers have risen from their graves and are striking back with the rule of law.

The king of grifters―a liar, thief, traitor, con man, sexual predator and a man who has generally bullied his way through life―now understands that the myrmidons of law and social etiquette are closing in. Some of his family members, and perhaps even Trump himself, are going to prison.

Unlike the rest of us, Trump’s avuncular patron has never been “Uncle Sam.” Trump was a five-deferment draft dodger, and thus avoided what could have been character-building instruction.  Rather, he was guided through life by a father who was arrested at a rally for the Ku Klux Klan, and reptilian practitioners of law like Roy Cohn and Michael Cohen.

Roy Cohn, it will be recalled, assisted Wisconsin Senator Joseph McCarthy in his ill-founded crusade against communism. His later clients were mostly members of the American Mafia and Donald Trump. A federal investigation during the 70’s and 80’s has revealed that Cohn was charged three times with professional misconduct, including perjury and witness tampering. In 1986, a five-judge panel of the Appellate Division of the New York State Supreme Court disbarred Cohn for life due to unethical and unprofessional conduct.

Michael Cohen―miraculously―is still practicing law. His law degree comes from what many describe as a “second-rate educator,” Cooley Law School. He has served as Executive Vice-President of the Trump Organization and special counsel to Trump; essentially, Trump’s pit bull. Consequently, he is the vanguard for many of the shady deals authored by Donald Trump, the most recent of which was his use of Essential Consultants LLC, a Trump pseudonym created for the express purpose of paying off porn star Stormy Daniels for her silence prior to the 2016 presidential election. In addition to dishonest, Cohen should also be considered dangerous. Following Cohen’s “Let’s gut her” threat, media megastar Megyn Kelly was compelled to hire private security for a full year to protect herself and her family.

Donald Trump spits out lies with the rapidity of a machine gun. A conservative accounting (addressing only a one-year period) by one media outlet registered the number of falsehoods to be more than 2000. That he is a thief can be confirmed by the many contractors and vendors he has stiffed for amounts due. New York State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman proved that Trump was a con man by successfully suing Trump University as a “fraud, and a phony university.” Trump’s failure to acknowledge that Russia interfered in our last presidential election (for his benefit, of course), and refusal to implement sanctions authorized by a nearly unanimous vote of Congress demonstrates that he is more interested in the success of Russia, than in the oath which he continues to violate; which obviously points to a conclusion of treason.  In addition, Trump bragged on taped audio and video that he was a sexual predator, and a large number of women have come forward to provide credible evidence of the same.

Special Counsel Robert Mueller III has pierced the veil surrounding Trump’s lifelong collaboration with mobsters. With constant chatter in the media concerning the idea that Trump will find a way to fire Mueller, it seems likely that Mueller probably has already obtained sealed indictments by the federal grand jury for prosecution of Trump family members. Furthermore, it is public knowledge that Mueller has been sharing evidentiary findings of his investigation with New York AG Schneiderman. Consequently, a presidential pardon will be of limited value to members and associates of the Trump family. The choice they will be left with is one of small distinction; either state, or federal prison.

So much for “shame” and “disgrace.” For a brief moment in a year of utter chaos, the viewing audience saw a vulnerable Donald Trump wearing that “hunted” look; the same look worn by Adolph Hitler as he crawled into his bunker, knowing both that the end was near, and that he would be held accountable for murdering six million innocent Jews.

Truman Goodspeed, February 2018