Godfather Visions

Trumpty Dumpster sat on a wall,  (the presidency)

Trumpty Dumpster had a great fall, (impeachment, or prison)

All the king’s horses, (Trump’s inept herd of lawyers)

And all the king’s men, (Russians! Russians! And more Russians!)

Couldn’t put Trumpty together again.

Forgive, please, the license taken with a children’s nursery rhyme.

From the very beginning of his business career, Donald Trump chose to associate with shadowy figures, and thus became a dumpster for any scheme related to the possibility of making money. He pushed far beyond the frontiers of ethical conduct. He evaded taxes (unsuccessfully), shafted vendors and business associates, used threats, intimidation and bankruptcy to avoid the consequence of poor business decisions (casinos, airline and real estate), and finally, used what New York State Attorney General Eric Schiederman called a “phony university” to fleece thousands of unsuspecting victims.

Trump is also a celebrated philanderer, and this is one trait that may well lead to his demise. Nevertheless, in the wake of all his scandals, Trump has required the services of a “fixer.” In the early days, that man was Roy Cohn, an attorney who was a ruthless power broker. Cohn was ultimately disbarred for involving himself in the education he imparted on Trump.

Trump’s most recent “fixer” has been Cooley Law School graduate Michael Cohen. In the early morning hours of April 9, 2018 the F.B.I executed a search warrant on Cohen’s law office, his home under construction and his temporary home. The government is now in possession of files, computers, phone records and e mails that will trace the whereabouts and activities of both Cohen and Trump over the last several years. By most accounts, both men are in serious trouble. And if you are a fan of irony, take notice of the fact that Trump forced everyone out of the Department of Justice that he viewed as a threat, and installed his own people. Now, whatever prosecutions follow, will be conducted by men appointed by Trump.

Donald Trump is the stupidest man alive. If he had even one brain cell he would have been satisfied with successfully evading the consequence of the various frauds which built his empire. But he chose to pursue a life in the world’s largest fish bowl. Complete ignorance had him believing that he could be “America’s Godfather.” He beat the odds and got elected. And like a real Godfather, demanded that his subjects take an oath of loyalty and kiss the ring. He never considered that many of those subjects would declare fealty to the rule of law instead. This man will pay a very high price for his misguided visions of grandiosity. Stay tuned.