Not much has changed…even after two years




Saga of the Gold-plated Grifter

By Truman Goodspeed, Editor

I. The Man

We have come full circle. The grand experience began when we selected as leader a much-celebrated man who could not tell a lie, and it ended 45 presidents later with the election of a psychopath who could not tell the truth.1 The recent election revealed a cataclysmic shift in sentiments of morality and common sense in America. Thus, John Rawls predicted the death knell for our society in 1971 when he wrote:

“…the representative member of a well-ordered society will find that he wants others to have the basic virtues, and in particular a sense of justice. His rational plan of life is consistent with the constraints of right, and he will surely want others to acknowledge the same restrictions. In order to make this conclusion absolutely firm, we should also like to be sure that it is rational for those belonging to…

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