Dear Trumpies And “Libtard” Decriers:

Your blog comments are revealing. You are not a spokesperson for American values. And it looks like you were absent during much of the time when your classmates were receiving an education.

First, learn how to put two real words together that bear some relation to each other. Then you can move on to the seemingly difficult task of joining three or more words into a coherent sentence. Otherwise, you will remain a useful idiot.

You are too blind in your love affair with Donald Trump to realize that if you are not a Native American, you are an immigrant…exactly the same as those individuals your matchbox-sized mind hates with tribal vehemence.

Perhaps someday time travel will become possible. Then you can go back to the comfort zone of Nazi Germany and celebrated bigotry. To make certain that your values are not offended, you might want to ignore that welcoming message on the Statue of Liberty on your way out.

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