Open Your Eyes, America

That pathetic excuse for a life-form we know as our president has been selling out America to the Russians for decades. Donald Trump is a Russian spy, and the incriminating evidence is overwhelming.

Trump’s insatiable love for money made him a perfect target for Russian spy recruiters following the collapse of his business empire (as revealed by his 1995 tax return). His debts far exceeded his assets.

The initial objective, insofar as Vladimir Putin was concerned, was to export and launder money obtained by Russian mobsters and oligarchs by purchasing condominium units―mostly from Trump―throughout the world. Estimates put the amount of money that has left Russia under Putin’s watch at $1.7 trillion.

The second objective, which has been likewise successful, was to obtain visas for Russian spies, followed by placing those spies into condominiums purchased with tainted funds in New York City and other intelligence-rich venues. A visa is obtained in this manner by simply flashing the half-million dollar or more purchase price. Mission complete―regardless of background.

Vladimir Putin was an integral part of the former Soviet Union’s secret police force, otherwise known as the KGB. Never in his wildest fantasies did Putin ever dream of placing an obedient operative at the highest level of American government, but now, the evidence demonstrates that he has done just that.

Donald Trump has been passing state secrets to the Soviets almost from the first day he began receiving daily intelligence briefings as a primary candidate for president. In a curious twist, this condemning information was mostly revealed by Russian government official news agencies.

Shortly after he fired FBI Director James Comey, and unknown to American media outlets, Trump invited Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and Ambassador Sergey Kislyak to the Oval Office. Trump claimed the pressure of the investigation into Russian meddling into the recent presidential election was “off,” after he fired that “nutjob Comey.”  Trump further revealed highly sensitive code-word intelligence to the Russians during the meeting. Photos and the substance of the meeting were released by Tass, Russia’s official news outlet. It seems a small wonder that former CIA head James Clapper has commented that Trump is an “asset for Vladimir Putin.”

Trump has at times used American news outlets for the release of highly sensitive top secret information. The New York Times reported in May that Trump revealed to Philippine strongman Rodrigo Duterte that Washington had sent two nuclear submarines to patrol waters off the Korean peninsula.

Likewise, during his first year in the White House, Trump, a self-exposed pathological liar, has arranged several personal meetings, and participated in several phone calls with Putin, all without witnesses, and most of which were first revealed by Russian news agencies.

Next, Trump invited―secretly―the chief of Russian spy operations, Sergei Naryshkin, to Washington for consultations. Following Russia’s invasion of Crimea, Naryshkin’s assets have been frozen, and he was forbidden entry into the United States. Nevertheless, Trump invited him to a meeting with CIA Director Mike Pompeo. The meeting was first reported by Russia’s state television, Rossiya 1. Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer reportedly demanded an explanation for the visit, but, quite obviously, he will not get one. Yet, even if an explanation were offered, who would believe another lie?

Trump had already turned over to the Russians all of America’s most sensitive intelligence information, with exception of the source and methods process involved in rooting out spies. With the assistance of Devin Nunes, he made this final bit of information available to the Russians.

Donald Trump saved his crowning “spy achievement” for when the investigation by special counsel Robert Mueller III got too close for comfort. He had lapdog  Nunes (a member of the Trump Presidential Transition team) construct a partisan “memo” which  cherry-picked events from a FISA warrant which had been issued and reissued several times to investigate the espionage activities of Trump presidential campaign member Carter Page. Thus, Trump made it possible for Russians to gain the last bit of intelligence they were lacking―which was the source and methods involved in outing spies.

Through information provided by Donald Trump and Edward Snowden, Russia is in possession of all of America’s secrets. To protect future intelligence assets, the primary collector of such information, the FBI, must refuse access to all Congress members. Consequently, if there is a real need to know, these individuals can go to a court to force release of the relevant documents, and face criminal penalty if they abuse in any fashion the access granted.

If Donald Trump is not a spy, find a better reason for his refusal to initiate sanctions which were nearly unanimously authorized by Congress, along with his refusal to acknowledge what every expert says was interference by Russia―both past and ongoing―in our elections.

It is painfully obvious that Donald Trump is a man whose only allegiance is to Vladimir Putin. We may as well put the Russian Federation flag over the White House, and call it a day. Congratulations, America;   this could not have happened without your indifference.

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