Donald Trump―Putin’s Spymaster


Vladimir Putin could not be happier. Through Donald Trump, he has complete control of the Executive Branch, and through Devin Nunes, he has partial control of the Legislative Branch of American government.

Donald Trump is one of the more loathsome specimens of humanity to inhabit not just the White House, but planet Earth. He is racist, misogynist and a pathological liar. During an interview with radio personality Howard Stern, Trump agreed that his daughter might be thought of as a “piece of ass.” Moreover, without Russian money, he would be a snake oil salesman with a traveling carnival, searching relentlessly among his gullible victims for the next skirt to slide his hand under.

Trump’s business record reveals that he is not the usual Benedict Arnold-type traitor; rather than ideology, his treachery begins and ends with money. This man will do anything for a quick buck―even sell out his country.

America, however, is not the only victim. Trump and Putin have an arrangement whereby Russian money finances the purchase of Trump condominiums and golf courses throughout the world, followed by Russian spies moving into those properties. Thus, while Americans are preoccupied with the thought that Russia interfered with the 2016 presidential election, they are completely missing the larger picture: Donald Trump is not smart enough to train Russian spies, but he has the perfect network to embed them at vital places around the world. He is a Walmart-style distribution center for Putin’s spies. Under this set of facts, people do not have to wonder why Donald Trump refuses to acknowledge that Putin interfered in our last presidential election, or, that Trump has likewise refused to initiate the sanctions against Russia that Congress unanimously authorized.

Devin Nunes is a different story altogether. Nunes is indeed a Benedict Arnold-type traitor; he is a fascist ideologue who views Trump as a stepping-stone to a totalitarian government. Nunes decided to take the middleman (spies, such as Julius and Ethel Rosenberg, who were executed in 1953 for selling state secrets to the Russians) out of the equation, and act directly as an agent for the Russian government in his legislative activities. This saved Putin time and money that otherwise would have been expended on espionage inspired lobbyist activities.

Trump’s business failures expose the reason he was ripe for plucking by Putin and his cabal of Russian oligarchs. It is public knowledge that Trump has been laundering dirty Russian money since the day he met David Bogatin in 1984 and sold the Russian immigrant five condominiums in one transaction. Investigative reporter Craig Unger, in a revealing and explosive September 2017 article for New Republic entitled “Trump’s Russian Laundromat” exposed Donald Trump’s longstanding connection to Russian mob leaders, and among other things stated:

“How to use Trump Tower and other luxury high-rises to clean dirty money, run an international crime syndicate, and propel a failed real estate developer into the White House. Also, it was stated that some 1.3 trillion dollars, presumably marked for laundering activities, had been exported from Russia since Vladimir Putin took control of the Russian Federation.”

A jury might be interested in hearing Trump explain how one Russian can live in five condominiums.

A clandestinely exposed tax return for the year 1995 reveals that Donald Trump mismanaged three Atlantic City casinos, lost money on an airline venture, and lost even more through the ill-timed purchase of the Plaza Hotel in Manhattan.  The sum of his misadventures totaled 916 million dollars; Trump was insolvent because his liabilities far exceeded his assets.

Any certified public accountant (CPA) would urge an executive in Trump’s position to make use of an Internal Revenue Service provision known as the “business carryover loss and credit against subsequent taxes owed.”  The regulation allows any business that has suffered a loss to recover the full amount lost over a period of twenty years.  The obvious rub is that a business must “stay in business” to receive the benefit.  But Trump had a history of bankruptcy, and of stiffing vendors and financers alike for amounts due, and for that reason, could not find a lender anywhere in the United States that would loan him a nickel.  However, Trump did get money from Russian oligarchs in exchange for an agreement to create a spy network.  After Russian spies began populating Trump properties, even more money was available from various lenders who based loans upon occupancy levels.  In this manner, Trump turned his insolvency into a continuing business and began charging his 1995 losses to the United States Treasury.

It is a felony when two or more persons conspire to commit a crime against, or to defraud the United States. The attempt does not even have to be successful (Title 18, United States Code, Section 371). The reason that Donald Trump has refused to release his tax returns is obvious.  Nearly all of the profitable transactions listed therein can be traced back to the spies who purchased, and subsequently moved into his condominiums in furtherance of their espionage activities. In this manner, Trump pilfered large amounts from the public treasury; much more than a billion dollars when interest is compounded on the daily basis used by the IRS.  This money can be recovered―and should be―using the same statute (18 USC §1961-68)  that United States attorneys within the Justice Department used to largely put the American Mafia out of business.

Simply stated, using illegal means (money laundering) to accomplish something legal (a tax refund) is a federal violation of both conspiracy and racketeering statutes. Consequently, United States taxpayers are entitled to treble damages pursuant to 18 USC §1964(c), of the amounts, plus interest, that Trump received via tax refunds.

Winners and losers determine patriots and traitors. Donald Trump and Devin Nunes, for different reasons, are both traitors. However, if they are allowed to continue along their current path, America will become an autocracy. Trump and Nunes will be patriots, and those who still love a democracy will be traitors.

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