Donald Trump―Putin’s Spymaster


Vladimir Putin could not be happier. Through Donald Trump, he has complete control of the Executive Branch, and through Devin Nunes, he has partial control of the Legislative Branch of American government.

Donald Trump is one of the more loathsome specimens of humanity to inhabit not just the White House, but planet Earth. He is racist, misogynist and a pathological liar. During an interview with radio personality Howard Stern, Trump agreed that his daughter might be thought of as a “piece of ass.” Moreover, without Russian money, he would be a snake oil salesman with a traveling carnival, searching relentlessly among his gullible victims for the next skirt to slide his hand under.

Trump’s business record reveals that he is not the usual Benedict Arnold-type traitor; rather than ideology, his treachery begins and ends with money. This man will do anything for a quick buck―even sell out his country.


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