Russian Lapdogs

A question for democracy loving citizens:  why would Vladimir Putin waste time and money recruiting and training spies to plant in the United States, when he already has willing American citizens fulfilling his espionage agenda? The institutions of democracy are presently under a three-pronged attack emanating from the White House, Fox News, and even the United States House of Representatives.

There is nothing complicated about Vladimir Putin’s agenda. His North Star is greed; the accumulation of money.  To feed his insatiable beast, he needs power. Putin received a prolific education during his tenure at the Soviet KGB on how to use propaganda to destabilize governments and is now using social media supported by turncoat domestic players to attack every democratic government on the planet.

Forbes Magazine claims the world’s wealthiest billionaires are collectively worth $7.05 trillion.   However, a strong case can be made that it is Vladimir Putin, and not Bill Gates (estimated net worth 89.2 billion), who is the richest man in the world. Investigative reporter Craig Unger, in a revealing and explosive September 2017 article for New Republic entitled “Trump’s Russian Laundromat” exposed Donald Trump’s longstanding connection to Russian mob leaders, and among other things stated:

“How to use Trump Tower and other luxury high-rises to clean dirty money, run an international crime syndicate, and propel a failed real estate developer into the White House. It was stated that some 1.3 trillion dollars has been exported from Russia since Vladimir Putin took control of the Russian Federation.”

All of the money that left Russia under Putin’s watch is either deposited in hidden bank accounts outside of Russia, or held by oligarchs who, as a matter of self-preservation, report directly to Putin. Both of Donald Trump’s sons―supposed caretakers of the family business―have admitted in the past that most of their business capital comes from Russian sources. Reliable intelligence agencies have reported that the Trump campaign received Russian assistance in obtaining the presidency of the United States, which ongoing investigation Donald Trump continues to label as a “witch hunt.” This failure to admit the obvious brings us to an old adage: “You don’t bite the hand that feeds you.”

Next comes Fox News led by conspiracy monger Sean Hannity and acid-tongued trollop Jenine Pirro. These fascist-inspired Putin puppets desire a totalitarian government directed by an autocrat, and will use any subversive item in the traitor’s tool chest to achieve as much.

Conspiracy theorists fall into two categories. Most psychologists can diagnose the first type, like Alex Jones, as suffering from paranoid delusion disorder (PDD). It was Jones who claimed that the Sandy Hook Elementary massacre of 20 schoolchildren and 6 staff members by Adam Lanza never happened, and was instead a charade carried out by “government crisis actors.”

The second type, like Hannity, are outright liars who prey on the gullible instincts of an older viewing audience in furtherance of a fascist agenda. Out of a number of his conspiracies that insult even the most conservative members of the viewing public comes his knowingly false claim that Democratic National Committee employee Seth Rich was murdered for leaking DNC emails. Hannity’s claim, of course, was clearly intended to throw both investigators and the public off the trail of the true leakers, which was the Russian government.

Next to free speech, the rule of law is one of the supporting pillars of a democracy. Pirro used her bully pulpit to make wildly false and destructive accusations against every enforcer and prosecutor of law she could locate within the Federal Bureau of Investigation.  As Pirro knows, none of these FBI employees are perfect, but they generally follow facts to a proper conclusion, and when they do not, they are proper subjects for punishment. The former prosecutor in the infamous “Duke Lacrosse” case learned this lesson the hard way. Sensible people should not bother tuning into this Putin Puppet.

The most dangerous infiltration of malign elements is presently occurring in the United States House of Representatives.  Along with the judiciary, Congress was intended by the framers to be a check on abusive power grabs by the Executive Branch. Nevertheless, Putin henchmen Devin Nunes (R-Ca) and Jim Jordan (R-Ohio), both in open hearings,  and behind the scenes with a secret committee, are attempting to undermine the legitimate investigation headed by Special Counsel Robert Mueller. It could not be clearer that Nunes has abdicated his House responsibility through his frequent trips to the White House to rat out the results of the House probe. Indeed, the Special Counsel has already secured indictments and guilty pleas, nevertheless, these two wayward House members continue in their attempts to destroy Mueller’s credibility and end the continuing investigation into Russia’s interference in the last presidential election.

Take an objective look at the aforementioned “Americans.”  What do we call them―other than spies for Russia?

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