Ship of Fools

During a recent hearing before the House Judiciary Committee, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein rejected partisan Republican complaints over how Special Counsel Robert Muller is conducting the investigation into Russian collusion in the 2016 presidential election. Contrary to Republican claims, Rosenstein declared that the investigation is “not a witch hunt.”

These same congressional representatives were fawning over Muller when he was first appointed, but now that the investigation has resulted in a guilty plea by former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn, along with Flynn’s agreement to cooperate with Muller’s investigation, Trump’s Stepford Wives have sprung into action in a delusional attempt to shield the President from impeachment and possible criminal charges.

The Republicans on the House Judiciary Committee are largely from the House Freedom Caucus, a group with fascist-Libertarian leanings. Thus, it should come as no surprise that an attempt to cover up the condemning facts of a guilty plea by shooting the messenger (in this case, Muller) would arise. The loudest of these fools was Jim Jordan (R-Ohio).

Jordan demanded that Rosenstein disband the current investigation and appoint a second Special Counsel to investigate Muller for relieving agent Peter Strzok after it was discovered that Strzok and FBI lawyer Lisa Page had exchanged text messages which, among other things, referred to Trump as an “idiot.” Muller dismissed Strzok from the investigation as soon as he was made aware of the messages. Now, Jordan disingenuously suggests that Muller is tainted for having done so.

Needless to say, Trump’s mental acuity has already been revealed by his top advisors.  Rex Tillerson referred to the President as a “moron,” and H.R. McMasters more recently called Trump an “idiot.”  Nonetheless, if an investigator or prosecutor must act like a robot with no persona to be a legitimate entity, there would be no law enforcement in this country.  After all, sixty per cent or more of America loathes Donald Trump, and any improprieties that occur during an FBI investigation and prosecution are subjects for a jury trial and appellate process–and not the sycophantic whims of a fascist legislator. These “congressmen” are simply making public displays of obstruction of justice in their malign attempts to thwart the progress of the Special Counsel. One can only wonder what the public might think if texts between Jordan and other members of the Freedom Caucus were released.

Probable cause is the Fourth Amendment standard by which authorities or a grand jury believe that a crime has been committed, which in turn makes the individual under scrutiny subject to arrest. Since no man is above the law, this standard can also be applied to Donald Trump.  The narcissistic element of what some armchair psychologists refer to as Trump’s “illness” –unconscionable attention seeking–tells us that he has most likely already given the last of America’s vital secrets to Vladimir Putin during any one of the four secret meetings between our president and the Russians (meetings first revealed in every instance by Kremlin sources).  Otherwise, Trump’s propensity for self-aggrandizement would have him seeking hyperbolic publicity from American media outlets concerning these events. Thus, there is every indication–as alleged in the infamous Steele “dossier” –that Trump was groomed by the Russians for the position he now holds. Moreover, the Republican congressional representatives on the House Judiciary Committee seem oblivious to the fact that America executed Ethel and Julius Rosenberg in 1953 for much less.

Unless there is a destruction like that accorded the Library of Alexandria, or a fascist book burning like the one that took place in Germany in 1933, the pages of history will record Congressman Jim Jordan and the rest of his Freedom Caucus hit men as traitors and the most colossal fools who ever lived.

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