Rearranging The Furniture

If Republican Roy Moore is successful in his bid for a seat in the United States Senate, seating arrangements in the venerable upper chamber of Congress will have to be modified. There will be seating within the 52 ft. by 85 ft. Senate chamber for 99 desks, occupied by garden variety Democrats and Republicans. Due to circumstance, the seat occupied by Moore can be fittingly placed in one of the washrooms, or in the upper gallery (isolated, of course, by barriers to prevent Moore from mingling with underage women).

Such a novel seating arrangement would hardly surprise Moore. After all, he was twice removed from elected office for serious violations of the Alabama Canon of Judicial Ethics, and, complete disregard for federal injunctions. Now he would like to participate in making the laws that those injunctions enforce.

Leigh Corfman recently reported that she was 14 years old when 32 year-old Roy Moore, who was an assistant district attorney at the time, offered to “babysit” her while her mother was appearing in court for a child custody hearing. Moore asked for and received the child’s phone number. A few days later, as reported in the Washington Post, Moore called the child and picked her up around the corner from her house. He took her to a cabin in the woods about 30 minutes away and molested her.

Tribal politics in Alabama have sunk to a new low. Almost all of the Republican hierarchy in the deep red state has admitted that they prefer a pedophile to a Democrat. So goes life in the age of Trump: anything goes.

One has to wonder what these disease-minded Moore supporters would do if a 32 year-old man pulled into their driveway to pick up their 14 year-old daughter for a “date.”

Fortunately, most Republicans outside of Alabama have called for Moore to remove himself from the special election to fill the Senate seat vacated when Jeff Sessions was appointed Attorney General of the United States. However, even these people have neglected to state what justice requires. Innocent until proven guilty is a criminal standard, and not applicable to elections. Common decency and self-respect seem to be lost commodities.

Any adult who becomes aroused by the thought of sexual relations with children and further proceeds to gratify that emotion is sick, twisted and incurable. Rather than being rewarded with election by a wrong-headed electorate to one of the highest offices in the land, such an individual should be castrated, imprisoned for life, or executed.

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