Decent Americans have again been embarrassed by the latest episode of our Commander-in-Chief, a dizzying flurry of recent events that included Donald Trump’s claim that he is the “most presidential” of every president in history, with the exception of Abraham Lincoln.  However, Donald Trump’s reservation for a place on Mt. Rushmore has been resoundingly canceled by a Congress that still views Russia as the “evil empire.”

On July 24, 2017, Trump went to West Virginia to address the annual Boy Scouts jamboree. Trump opened his speech with the rhetorical question, “Who the hell wants to speak about politics when I’m in front of the Boy Scouts?” Following that opening, Trump launched a self-aggrandizing political speech.  Trump later told the Wall Street Journal that the head of the Boy Scouts called him and said the politically aggressive speech was the greatest ever delivered to the Boy Scouts.  The leaders of the youth organization, of course, denied that such a call ever took place; they were deeply embarrassed by his appearance.

Next comes Trump’s story about how Mexican president Nieto called to praise the administration’s work on the United States and Mexican border. Nieto denied that such a call took place.

The next embarrassment came via a tweet, in which Trump stated, unbeknownst to military leaders,  “the military would not accept or allow transgender people to serve in any capacity because of the tremendous medical costs and disruption their service would bring.”  Fifty-six retired generals and admirals pushed back, arguing that such a ban would be disruptive and degrade military readiness.

In a speech before law enforcement officers in a New York City suburb, Trump encouraged police to “rough up” or “not be too nice” to suspects they take in custody. The Suffolk County Police Department responded immediately with “As a department, we do not, and will not tolerate roughing up prisoners.” Law enforcement agencies across the United States responded in a like manner.

The coupe de grâce for this amazing period in the Trump presidency was delivered by the Congress of the United States through veto-proof, bi-partisan legislation that included sanctions against Russia, North Korea and Iran, and limited the president’s authority to lift them. The measure was a result of deep concern that Trump had inexplicably befriended the Russians, following their interference in the 2016 presidential election.


Trump reluctantly signed the bill out of the public eye, and in a written caveat to Congress and reporters, in part, stated:

“This bill remains seriously flawed―particularly because it encroaches on the executive branch’s authority to negotiate…”

Fact is, Trump has never been a successful legitimate negotiator.  He has bullied and conned his way to whatever wealth and position he presently holds. Trump, like his father, is a showman―a carnival-barker prodigy from reality television. Craig Unger revealed as much in his New Republic article entitled Trump’s Russian Laundromat. That article exposed Trump as a “failed real estate developer” and explained how Trump used his condo units around the world to launder Russian mob profits.  Those profits allowed Trump to receive approximately 50 million dollars annually from the U.S. treasury for 18 years by taking advantage of a business loss carryover tax credit accumulated for the year 1995. It seems likely that Special Counsel Mueller will eventually demand Trump return that nearly one billion dollars to the people of the United States.


When that thick, acrid cloud of political smoke from the last few days cleared, a cowardly, pathetic and impotent liar emerged. Most unfortunately―at least for the present―this shell of a man is also President of the United States.

Opinion editorial

Truman Goodspeed

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